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About Us

Badfeather Knives

The name “Badfeather” came up a while ago, at lunch with some friends. The story was of a tough old bird who liked to hang out on my friend’s porch. This bird was somehow able to fly and survive despite a serious shortage of those tools necessary to keep him aloft. When I heard the name, I knew what to call this new company.


What we are selling

  1. Fixed-blades are the standard for toughness and simplicity.
  2. Pocket-friendly folding knives trade length for complexity. All jointed knives have an inherent weakness – the joint. And modern folders can have 20 or 30 parts. Every additional spring, bearing, and screw represents a potential failure mode.
  3. Badfeather Knives introduces something a little different. “Raider Creek” is a 7inch, full tang, fixed-blade knife with a handle that sheathes the blade. Pocket friendly. No joints. No bearings. No tiny screws. No external sheath. Quality components. Replaceable blade.

Our goal

“I’ve carried and used a knife since I was a little guy running around our farm with a “Camp King” in my pocket. The ideas that go into Badfeather Knives are born from all those knives I’ve ever carried – the solid and the sloppy. My hope is that you use your Badfeather knife long and hard, and that, years from now, you still smile when you put it in your pocket.”

– Dan Vorhis